chaplaincy Course

Professional Training for Chaplains

This course is for those already established in the role of Pagan Chaplain and those looking for a career in chaplaincy, whether it be in an institution or within the community, as well as those looking for career development within their chosen field.

We work in conjunction with institutions where Pagan chaplains are employed as part of the Chaplaincy Team, and others where the future addition of a Pagan Chaplain is already being discussed.

Our chaplains can also look for a career in one of the many community projects. e.g. homelessness, and mental health, or may wish to work representing their faith paths with interfaith communities across the world.

What does the course comprises of?


This course comprises workshops, lectures and practical work at intervals over ten weekends, with additional written work.


A mentor will be assigned to each trainee, who will be available for advice and clarification throughout the course


Assessment will be by external assessment plus the recommendation of their mentor, in addition to observed practical skills and marked written work.


The course is mainly practical wok, interspersed with three written modules, and an agreed task. The final assessment will be completed on the last day of the course.


Food where supplied is basic and nutritional. However, those with special dietary requirement will be expected either to bring or to source suitable food themselves.


The aim of the course is to prepare Chaplains to work within a number of different Chaplaincy Departments, and to advise and assist individuals in the community where the need for a Chaplain may be seen to be evident.


We will work with our students to enable them to understand and write bespoke ceremonies for all Life Celebrations and become professional and confident when officiating at Naming Ceremonies, Wedding Blessings, Handfastings, and any other Rites of Life.


We also cover Death Rites and will advise our Chaplains on how to deal with individuals and their families prior to death. We cover the duties of the Chaplain at all stages of the dying process, where they are asked to officiate at a Funeral, and to help families who may be experiencing grief at this time.


The trainee will gain an informed outlook on all Pagan Paths through talks, discussion, and workshops.

Who is the course for?

To apply to the Pagan Seminary Chaplaincy course you must have the following:

Interviewing skills, empathy and listening skills.

Diplomacy and the ability to cope with emotion often in awkward and complex situations,

An ability to relate to assembled people and speak with them in a confident but not patronising manner.

A background of work with clients or experience in one of the caring professions (whether in the public, private or voluntary sectors) would be a real advantage, but life experience will be taken into consideration.

What are the course fees?

Our new course will start in February 2021

What is included in the fee?

  • All study weekend classes and workshops (approximately 160 classroom hours per academic year).
  • Shared accommodation and meals at residential accommodation.
  • One-to-one mentoring and coaching from group tutors.
  • On graduation you will receive a Graduation Certificate, and the option of ordination. Ordination will bestow the title of Reverend, and all Ordained Chaplains are registered in the Pagan Seminary Professional Register.
Course Fee
£2,600for the whole course!

Pay by 1st September 2020 and get £300 off!

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How to apply

To apply for the chaplaincy Course, please download the form below, fill it in and email it back to us. Our email address is

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